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Staff Picks

  • Omwana Ni Wa Bhone … It Takes a Village

    To address a problem, we first need to understand that it exists.

  • Examining Linguistic Diversity and Data Science Curriculum in STEM Education with a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Lens

    How do we design and scale STEM courses in a way that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility? First, Dr. Manisha Sharan shares how linguistic d…

  • Advancing Interdisciplinary Undergraduate STEM Education for Increased Workforce Preparation

    How do we engage STEM students in interdisciplinary learning to better prepare them for the workforce? In this workshop, speakers share their experiences desig…

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  • How Can the Underrepresentation Curriculum Increase Representation in Our Communities?

    Caption: Jalisa Ferguson, Ph.D., and Izzy Berry '22 in their James Center lab. Photos by Angelique Herring '19 and Penh Alicandro '22.Why We Need The Underrepr…

  • Synergies, Not Silos: Why Isolated Initiatives Won’t Disrupt the Status Quo

    STEM departments have struggled, as has much of higher education, to advance student success while achieving racial equity.1 The continually-low numbers of Bla…

  • Want More Women in Geoscience? Consider Their Math Attitudes

    Geoscience has made concerted efforts to increase the number of women entering and graduating from undergraduate geoscience programs, but despite these efforts…

  • Addressing Systemic Issues in STEM Education: Potential and Perils of XR Technologies

    Caption: Authors Michele McColgan, Ph.D. and Jason Morphew, Ph.D. provide an overview of the MARVLS app, an augmented reality app, which helps students develop…

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