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Staff Picks

  • Omwana Ni Wa Bhone … It Takes a Village

    To address a problem, we first need to understand that it exists.

  • Examining Linguistic Diversity and Data Science Curriculum in STEM Education with a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Lens

    How do we design and scale STEM courses in a way that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility? First, Dr. Manisha Sharan shares how linguistic d…

  • Advancing Interdisciplinary Undergraduate STEM Education for Increased Workforce Preparation

    How do we engage STEM students in interdisciplinary learning to better prepare them for the workforce? In this workshop, speakers share their experiences desig…

results in Learning Environments for Undergraduate STEM Education.
  • Reforming Pedagogy for Data-Intensive STEM Courses: Putting the Student Experience at the Center

    How can we reform data-intensive courses to be more inclusive and accessible while optimizing students’ data literacy and reasoning skills?Dr. Mine Dogucu will…

  • Building Effective Communities for Students, Educators, and Everyone in Between

    Hear about two different projects that utilize communities of support in STEM education for the betterment of all students. Dr. Peter C. Cormas will introduce …

  • Integrating Technology with Best Practices Paves the Way

    We live in an era of change teeming with technology and environmental enhancements. Students are eager to use virtual, immersive, and interactive digital tools…

  • Innovative Frameworks for Teaching and Learning

    How many dimensions does your learning framework have? In this workshop, speakers share different models and frameworks for engaging undergraduates in STEM lea…

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