Utilizing a Principles-Focused Approach for Change Efforts

Headshot of Courtney Ngai
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Courtney Ngai, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)
Colorado State University
Headshot of Sarah Wise
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Sarah Wise, Ph.D.
STEM Departmental Change Agent, Departmental Action Team Project
University of Colorado Boulder
Headshot of Joel Corbo
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Joel Corbo, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate, Center for STEM Learning
University of Colorado Boulder

Why is it that projects designed to improve undergraduate STEM education do not always have a positive or lasting impact? In this workshop, Drs. Courtney Ngai, Sarah Wise, and Joel Corbo discuss the importance of attending to department culture to help sustain change efforts in undergraduate STEM education. The presenters introduce the Department Action Team (DAT) model, which utilizes a principles-focused approach for enacting change. They also share examples of how the DAT model’s principles have influenced change efforts in STEM departments. The workshop will be complemented by free resources that the team developed for other stakeholders interested in institutional transformation.

Is the DAT Model Right for Your Context?

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