Part 2: Pedagogical Professional Development for STEM Faculty

Pedagogical Professional Development for STEM Faculty: From Individual Change to Community Empowerment

This two-hour working session allowed time for participants to work individually and then in small groups to complete two focused tasks and report out.

  1. The first focused task was to individually (or in pairs/groups if participants were from the same institution) begin an inventory and gap analysis of pedagogical or teaching-focused professional development offerings on their campus.
  2. The second focused task was to share what was learned during the analysis, so small groups could compare and contrast the professional development landscape at their institutions.

After these small group discussions, groups came back to the main Zoom room to collectively debrief their discussions, share common themes, and discuss what they learned during the workshop and working session that might help inform work at their home institutions and/or influence how professional development programs are designed and implemented at their institutions.