STEM Learning Through Community Engagement

Headshot of Matthew Wolfgram
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Matthew Wolfgram, Ph.D.
Associate Researcher at the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Headshot of Morewell Gasseller
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Morewell Gasseller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Xavier University of Louisiana
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Sonya Remington Doucette, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Professor
Bellevue College

How can we support student learning through community engagement? In this workshop hosted by the AAAS-IUSE Initiative, speakers share community-based approaches to STEM learning, showcase a STEM project that made a transformative impact on students and their community, and provide information on how faculty can incorporate these approaches into their courses. First, Dr. Matthew Wolfgram sets the stage by providing an overview of Participatory Action Research, a community-based approach to education and social science research, and how it offers an exciting and needed approach to using STEM to study community issues. Next, Dr. Morewell Gasseller examines a project that introduces community-oriented components into STEM programs. Finally, Dr. Sonya Remington Doucette discusses a professional development curriculum that provides faculty with systems thinking skills and civic engagement tools needed to create societal change and impact their communities.