Morewell Gasseller, Ph.D. headshot

Morewell Gasseller, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Xavier University of Louisiana

Dr. Morewell Gasseller is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Xavier University of Louisiana.

His academic training is in experimental condensed matter physics, where he used scanning probe techniques (Scanning tunneling and atomic force microcopy) to study nanoscale systems and structures. Dr. Gasseller started his teaching career at Grand Valley State University in 2010 and has always believed that all research programs should provide opportunities for undergraduates to make substantive contributions. His interest in environmental monitoring and atmospheric physics began in 2015 when he taught an Advanced Earth Science class to education majors at Xavier. This GLOBE based Advanced Earth Science class (IPSC4010) gave him a great opportunity of linking his research with what he was teaching in class.  One aspect of the class is to use hand-held sun photometers to measure the Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) of the atmosphere. Since 2015, Dr. Gasseller has participated and ran many GLOBE workshops, where he trained teachers and private citizens to perform many atmospheric measurements, including those for aerosols. He has served as a mentor for many undergraduate students and is committed to the idea that research is an extremely valuable facet of an undergraduate education in science.