Reforming Pedagogy for Data-Intensive STEM Courses: Putting the Student Experience at the Center

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Mine Dogucu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Teaching
University of California-Irvine
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Kathleen Browne, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emerit and Adjunct Instructor
Rider University

The recording of this workshop will be posted in the coming days. Be sure to check back soon!

How can we reform data-intensive courses to be more inclusive and accessible while optimizing students’ data literacy and reasoning skills?

Dr. Mine Dogucu will show how diverse students flourish in data-intensive courses when these courses are taught accessibly. Additionally, the data science field needs to teach accessibility so that future data science workplaces and tech products are open and easy to access for all. Dr. Dogucu will share a framework for designing accessible and inclusive teaching materials for data-intensive courses, which can be adopted by many STEM fields.

Dr. Kathleen Browne will showcase a strategy built into undergraduate general education oceanography courses that helps students connect data literacy and reasoning skills to compose evidence-based scientific explanations. This strategy guides students to use interactive data visualizations and an instructional framework adapted for college students from McNeill et al. (2006), “DCER”, to describe data thoroughly (D), make a claim about the data and relevant phenomena (C), and support those claims with evidence (E) and scientific reasoning (R). Dr. Browne will summarize the strategy and some results, and share examples with oceanography data visualizations. The strategies can be applied to any class that asks students to use data visualizations.