Implementing Active Learning in Undergraduate STEM Courses

Headshot of Dr. Jessica Rosenberg
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Jessica Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Education Director of the Quantum Materials Center, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
George Mason University
Headshot of Dr. Wendy Smith
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Wendy Smith, Ph.D.
Research Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

How can we support student outcomes in undergraduate STEM courses and create an engaging learning environment? In this workshop, speakers discuss successes in implementing active learning through grassroots and policy approaches. First, Dr. Jessica Rosenberg shares takeaways from the grassroot effort at her university to implement active learning into STEM courses. Next, Dr. Wendy Smith identifies key policy levers to improve student outcomes and encourage active learning in first-year STEM courses. Overall, this workshop provides different approaches to implement active learning and improve student success in undergraduate STEM courses.

Links & Resources Shared by the Audience During the Workshop: