High-Impact Pedagogies that Motivate and Retain Students in STEM

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Eliza J. Reilly, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Center for Science and Civic Engagement
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Oludare Owolabi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Principal Investigator
Morgan State University

Learn about novel approaches to teaching and learning that increase motivation and confidence among students in STEM.

First, Dr. Eliza Reilly charts a new path for curricular reform and institutional change via the Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) model. SENCER aids faculty in successfully re-framing traditional courses with high-impact pedagogies by teaching STEM content through real-world, civic challenges that are relevant to the lives of students and their communities. SENCER is shown to increase retention and persistence of traditionally underserved students in STEM.

Then, Dr. Oludare Owolabi shares how he uses Experiment Centric Pedagogy (ECP), which incorporates real life experiences in the delivery of classroom lessons, to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students. ECP is successful in improving student motivation and confidence while encouraging collaboration and peer-learning.