Advancing Interdisciplinary Undergraduate STEM Education for Increased Workforce Preparation

Headshot of Galina Madjaroff Reitz
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Galina Madjaroff Reitz, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer and Faculty Director, BS in Information Science at Shady Grove
University of Maryland, College Park
Headshot of Lola Rodríguez-Vargas
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Lola Rodríguez-Vargas, Ph.D.
Director, Societal Impact Group
University of Arizona

How do we engage STEM students in interdisciplinary learning to better prepare them for the workforce? In this workshop, speakers share their experiences designing interdisciplinary STEM courses and programs. First, Dr. Galina Reitz discusses the creation and development of a new interdisciplinary minor in Information Sciences that prepares students for successful careers in information technology. The presentation showcases how this program leverages partnerships across campus to support students with job searching, negotiation, and utilizing their strengths. Next, Dr. Lola Rodríguez-Vargas discusses a capstone course focused on engaging students across disciplines to work together and create research projects that integrate the needs of the local community.