Talking about why: Linking research and theory to efforts to build racial equity in STEM

Helen Burn, Ph.D.
Mathematics Faculty, Director of Curriculum Research Group
Highline College

Achieving racial equity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) requires race-conscious approaches that bring disproportionate benefit to underrepresented racially minoritized students (URM) majoring in STEM. This interactive and participatory session aims to identify the current landscape of research and theory that supports practices and interventions that disproportionately benefit URM in STEM, including hypothesized relationships and assumptions. The Transitioning Learners to Calculus in Community Colleges (TLC3) Institutional Self-Assessment Tool provides a springboard for the session. The Tool represents a validated set of practices that colleges can use to identify and remove barriers for URM students in mathematics courses required for STEM degrees.