Helen Burn, Ph.D. headshot

Helen Burn, Ph.D.

Mathematics Faculty, Director of Curriculum Research Group

Highline College

Helen Burn is a faculty member in the mathematics department and director of the Curriculum Research Group at Highline College.

Dr. Burn serves as chair of the Pure and Applied Sciences Division and mathematics department coordinator. Her research, service, and leadership focus on improving the mathematics curriculum in the first two years of college. Dr. Burn currently chairs AMATYC’s Pathways Joint Subcommittee and is a member of the Mathematical Association of America’s Committee on Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics. Burn serves as Principal Investigator on Transitioning Learners to Calculus in Community Colleges (NSF IUSE 1625918), as evaluator on Highline Corequisite Mathematics Initiative (College Spark of Washington), and hub leader for the Pacific Northwest section of StatPREP (NSF DUE 1626337, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America). Her past grant work includes serving as a consultant to the two-year college research team on Characteristics of Successful Program in College Calculus (NSF DUE 0910240, 2010-2016), Co-PI for The Math You Need, When You Need (NSF DUE-0920800/0920583, 2006-2013), and evaluator for Redesigning the Math Placement Process Grant (College Spark of Washington).