Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Report: Strategies Transforming the Future of STEM Education

In the beginning of 2021, the AAAS-IUSE Initiative asked the community of undergraduate STEM faculty, researchers, and professionals working in higher education, how they were adapting to the challenges of teaching and learning during COVID-19. After reviewing over 100 submissions, we found that the IUSE community had gone beyond creating best practices for teaching in a pandemic and instead developed strategies with implications after the pandemic for broadening participation, increasing accessibility, and transforming the way we teach STEM. 

Submissions from the AAAS-IUSE community addressed issues on a range of topics including: course design, STEM labs, internships and skills building, student support and connections, and faculty support. This report highlights case studies of promising practices and lessons learned from STEM and education faculty and professionals across the country that have implications beyond the COVID-19 pandemic to broaden participation in undergraduate STEM.


Suggested Citation: Manier, L., Veague, T., York, T.T., Wagstaff, I., & Carinci, J. (2022). Lessons Learned During COVID-19: Strategies Transforming the Future of STEM Education. American Association for the Advancement of Science – Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Initiativehttps://aaas-iuse.org/lessons-learned-report.