Jayson Nissen, Ph.D. headshot

Jayson Nissen, Ph.D.

Founder and Owner

Nissen Education Research and Design

Dr. Jayson Nissen is the founder and owner of Nissen Education Research and Design.

Dr. Nissen uses quantitative methods and a critical framework to investigate racism, sexism, and classism in college science courses through the analyses of large datasets. His current work creates resources to support STEM instructors at Hispanic-serving institutions to develop, disseminate, and use evidence based instructional strategies that support equity in their classrooms. Dr. Nissen is the Assistant Director of the Learning Assistant Alliance’s LASSO platform, which supports STEM instructors assessing the efficacy of their courses. Dr. Nissen served on the Leadership Council of the Learning Assistant Alliance and has taught with Learning Assistants at Oregon State University and the University of Maine.