Ellen M. Carpenter, Ph.D. headshot

Ellen M. Carpenter, Ph.D.

Lead Program Director, IUSE

National Science Foundation

Dr. Carpenter is a program director in the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation.

She serves as the lead program officer for the Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Directorate for STEM Education (IUSE: EDU) Program, and as a contributing program officer for the IUSE: Hispanic-Serving Institutions (IUSE: HSI) Program, and the Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems (NCS) Program. She received a B.A. in Biology from Dartmouth College and a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining NSF, she was a professor and chair of the undergraduate neuroscience program at the University of California Los Angeles.

Division of Undergraduate Education (EDU/DUE)