Cheryl Talley, Ph.D. headshot

Cheryl Talley, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Virginia State University

Dr. Cheryl Talley, professor of Psychology at Virginia State University, conducts research into the ecosystems of teaching and learning and how to best support student success from grades K-16.

Partners in this work are students from VSU’s graduate programs in Clinical Psychology and the Behavioral and Community Health Psychology. The Talley lab’s Project Knowledge (PK) informs campus-wide intervention efforts at VSU and provides support to the local high school through a community based participatory research partnership with Communities in Schools. Talley uses her background in affective neuroscience to examine the different aspects of the learning contexts that impact student motivation. Her work centers psychological theory and data-derived iteration to examine and promote improved mental and emotional health outcomes using near-peer mentors. One goal is to not only encourage the adoption of effective academic habits but to also create cohorts of trained mentors to serve as models and change agents even after the project ends. Dr. Talley also directs the Analytic Hub, the outward facing research arm of the HBCU STEM-Undergraduate Success Center. This $9M, 5-year project is co-led by faculty from Morehouse College and Spelman College and seeks to examine the influence of institutional culture at different HBCU’s on effective and impactful STEM interventions. The Hub’s own TRANSCENDENT INTERVENTION STRATEGIES offer a trans-disciplinary research approach which includes the well-being of the researcher as a component of the work. Thus, generative dissemination; humanizing interventions and strength-based assessment are all woven together to serve the entire community.