Reshaping Math Identity by Valuing Creativity

Miloš Savić
Associate Professor, Director of First-Year Research Engagement Program
University of Oklahoma

Math creativity has been important for mathematicians and industry careers. However, there is a lack of math creativity discussed where many STEM students encounter calculus, which is a requirement for many STEM majors. Our grant provided professional development to 15 Calculus 1 instructors across the nation, and we asked them to incorporate six creativity-based tasks in their classrooms. This poster will outline all the research papers from the last three years of data, from instructors changing their own beliefs about teaching, to students having different views of creativity, and students’ affective gains from teaching actions to foster creativity. A small ask of six tasks lead to a large effect on both instructors’ and students’ mathematical identities.


Gail Tang, University of La Verne, La Verne, CA; Gulden Karakok, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO; Houssein El Turkey, University of New Haven, New Haven, CT; Emily Cilli-Turner, University of La Verne, La Verne, CA; V. Rani Satyam, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA