P4E:STEM — Developing DEI Curricular Interventions in Engineering and Computer Science

Rebecca Atadero
Associate Professor
Colorado State University

Over the past five years, the Partnership for Equity:STEM (P4E:STEM) has been working to develop, implement, and assess diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) curricular activities for engineering and computer science courses at four distinct campuses. The goal of P4E:STEM is to prepare students for the workplace by cultivating an inclusive understanding of the nature of careers in engineering and computing. We seek to instill in students: an appreciation for how all kinds of diversity strengthen engineering and computer science as disciplines; knowledge of how to act in inclusive ways and create inclusive environments within their fields; and consideration of diverse populations who are impacted by their professional practice. The project espouses a broad definition of diversity, which includes diversity in terms of problem-solving approaches, personalities, demographic, cognitive, social, and personal characteristics.In this workshop we will share example activities and lessons learned that impact successful implementation. We will begin with a project overview. Then participants will engage in an example activity created for and used in our project. We will share lessons learned that engendered successes in fostering student awareness of DEI with relevance to their chosen fields of study. We will then share challenges faced in attempting transferability: First, the transferability of curricular activities in engineering to computer science. Second, the transferability of research activities at research-focused institutions to an open-enrollment institution that emphasizes teaching over research. Finally, we will facilitate participants’ generating ideas for curricular activities and for addressing transferability to their specific environments.


Jody Paul jody@computer.org