National training in inclusive stem teaching: Status, initial outcomes and cycles of improvement

Bennett Goldberg, Ph.D.
Director of Research in Higher Education, Training and Evaluation, and Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Northwestern University

Practicing inclusive STEM instruction requires an understanding of the challenges learners face and developing strategies that actively support their success. Inclusive instructors also must be aware of their own identities and impacts to enhance their connection, awareness, and sensitivity to student experiences. The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project has developed and implemented a massive open online course to 5000+ registrants, developed content for and trained 135 facilitators who have led 60+ optional local learning communities, and is researching the impacts of our professional development and learning communities on instructors and their students. Initial findings demonstrate increased awareness, self-efficacy and ability of instructors to cultivate inclusive STEM learning environments. This workshop will provide participants with hands-on experiences from the Inclusive STEM Teaching Project, demonstrate how our course centers identity, power, positionality and privilege, and describe key pedagogical features of the course. These include embodied case studies created by the University of Michigan CRLT Players, local learning communities led by project-trained facilitators, synchronous affinity group discussions, and weekly reflections in a My Inclusivity Framework. In addition, this workshop will also allow participants to explore our holistic evaluation and cycles of improvement, and reflect on their applicability to their own projects. We collected detailed feedback from pre- and post-course surveys, module level surveys, and course learning activities. Workshop participants will examine key findings from our evaluation feedback, consider key questions, discuss the pedagogical choices we made, and consider applying a holistic process of feedback, review,


Tershia Pinder-Grover,; Sarah Hokanson,