Integrating Innovative Biological Research Data into Biostatistics

Qingxia Li
Associate Professor
Fisk university

Poster Title: Integrating Innovative Biological Research Data into BiostatisticsPoster Abstract: Need: It is often difficult to maintain student engagement in statistics coursework. Flipped classroom approaches have gain popularity for providing lecture content outside of class and active learning approaches during class time. However, documentation for the development of statistics flipped classroom coursework materials is sparse. Moreover, cross-university collaborations are rare in this subject area.Guiding Questions: The research team will create an authentic research experience in the context of the proposed biostatistics course such that the data analyzed will be from actual experimental data from studies that students will perceive as ‘relevant’ and of ‘considerable interest’, i.e., not just ‘assignments’. To what extent will the integrated research experience impact student learning in Biostatistics and student interest and confidence in research? Outcomes: Therefore, we will present products and processes we employed to create course content and outcomes measures for a cross-university flipped classroom biostatistics course. The research team members have developed the power point course slides, a draft of the course projects related to the core concepts in Biostatistics, and the teaching videos from the course instructors. Regarding outcomes, we created a comprehensive quiz as the primary outcomes measure but included STEM career and interest measures to detect changes in student attitudes. We also created record keeping forms to help assure course content is delivered as intended. A pilot year is concluding, and we will present an initial review of the results.Broader Impacts: Increasing student learning of these concepts via a research-embedded focus on a relevant topic serves as a model for increasing student interest in STEM majors and for retaining students for on-time graduation and transition to STEM careers and post-graduate education.


Qingxia Li, Fisk University, Nashville, TN; Thomas Gross, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY; Dafeng Hui, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.