Facilitating Implementation through Flexible, Inclusive Design & Faculty Support

Cindy Bukach
Associate Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience, MacEldin Trawick Endowed Professor of Psychology
University of Richmond

This workshop examines roadblocks and solutions to creating and implementing flexible, inclusive, evidence-based open educational resources in STEM. The workshop will present PURSUE (Preparing Undergraduates for Research in STEM Using Electrophysiology – PursueERP.com) as a model for collaborative resource building and implementation support. This project includes open educational course modules, multimedia tools, a website, and a research database to facilitate training of undergraduates in cognitive neuroscience. Although the full course and database are still in development, PURUSE Introductory Modules are now being used in 44 countries around the world. The workshop will highlight features of PURSUE that enhance flexible use and support faculty implementation. The workshop will include opportunities to brainstorm roadblocks and solutions to faculty implementation, identify roadblocks and solutions to student learning, and examine some sample PURSUE resources and assessment approaches that use inclusive pedagogy approaches.