Engaging with the Accelerating Systemic Change Network to Amplify your IUSE Work

Andrea Beach
Professor and Co-Director, Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education
Western Michigan University

The Accelerating System Change Network (ASCN) is an IUSE-funded national network of STEM and higher education change makers and change researchers. By closing the loop between researchers and change agents, we aim to accelerate change at program and institution levels, and to improve STEM education nationally. ASCN can support the dissemination and uptake of other IUSE funded STEM education reform work through multiple channels and initiatives. ASCN can also promote community discussions and use the working group structure to advance knowledge in areas relevant to many IUSE project. This interactive workshop will introduce STEM education researchers to ASCN and collaboratively explore the ways that the network can amplify research that advances STEM undergraduate reform.


Charles Henderson — charles.henderson@wmich.edu