Dissemination of Curricula through Online Modules with LMS Integration: Successes and Challenges

Hollylynne Lee
Distinguished Professor
North Carolina State University

Innovating curricula in undergraduate courses beyond a single institution includes innovating curricular design, dissemination, and integration approaches. This workshop will introduce participants to strategies used by the Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education through E-Modules [ESTEEM] project that began in 2016 to package and deliver curricular materials to support engaged student learning of difficult to teach concepts and pedagogical approaches. In particular, the ESTEEM project took an e-modular approach, developing multimedia materials that could be directly integrated into a faculty member’s Learning Management System [LMS course]. In addition, all materials can be easily modified or adapted by faculty through a Creative Commons license to best fit within their course context, whether in online, face-to-face or hybrid contexts. We will describe our approach and highlight successes and challenges that can inform future processes used by others. Participants will learn to develop and apply design principles for innovating curricular design and dissemination that includes: understanding the structure of programs and courses within a discipline and how those may vary across universities; the aspects of an innovation (content, tools, or pedagogy) that are most crucial in the design of materials; the mechanisms of dissemination that will ensure ease of use by faculty and students; and supports faculty need to integrate IUSE-developed materials.