Development of an Active-Learning, Multimedia, Biomedically-Relevant Introductory Physics Curriculum

Nancy Donaldson
Professor of Physics
Rockhurst University

This workshop will share the on-going IUSE-funded development/design/assessment of a new type of active-learning introductory physics curriculum – one directed for pre-health students, integrated with multiple, appropriately-placed videos by biomedical professionals and geared toward a study of the relevance of biomedical applications of physics. Curriculum is designed to fill two main needs: 1) provide students with an introductory biomedically related curriculum that stresses the importance of physics as a basic science relevant to health and medicine, and 2) provide faculty unfamiliar with biomedically related interdisciplinary content with a coherent active-learning physics curriculum that can be implemented in multiple educational environments. To research transferability, implementation is being conducted in introductory physics classrooms at both a small, liberal arts university and a large public university and is being assessed for student content learning and attitudes toward learning physics. All developed curricula will be contributed to the Living Physics Portal so that it is free, editable and adaptable to fit multiple instructors’ needs. Workshop participants will experience the biomedically active learning curriculum in small groups to investigate ways of adapting it for use in their pre-health introductory physics courses. Group discussions will focus on pedagogy, content, assessment and implementation ideas.