Developing Pre-Service Teachers’ Equity Literacy in Content Courses

Stephanie Casey
Eastern Michigan University

Undergraduate programs must face the challenge of preparing future teachers to understand and address diversity, equity, and inclusion in their teaching practice and as leaders supporting the learning of STEM disciplines. The Mathematics of Doing Understanding Learning and Educating for Secondary Schools (MODULE(S2)) Project has focused on developing curriculum materials for abstract algebra, geometry, mathematical modeling, and statistics courses to improve teachers’ mathematical and statistical knowledge for teaching. The project has also conducted professional development for undergraduate faculty who have piloted the materials at various colleges and universities across the nation. In all of the materials, the project emphasizes equitable teaching practices that support learners and honor diverse sources of knowledge and contributions. The statistics and mathematical modeling materials of MODULE(S2) additionally include lessons that develop pre-service teachers’ equity literacy through the exploration of social justice topics. In this workshop, we will engage participants in learning about equitable teaching practices that are important for developing teachers’ equity literacy, and then participants will engage in a social justice-focused lesson from the mathematical modeling or statistics (their choice) course materials. Finally, we will share the research we have conducted regarding the impact these lessons have had on teachers.