Best Practices for Supporting Undergraduate STEM Faculty and Students in the Online Transition: Results of NSF RAPID Awards Supported by IUSE

Photo of Barbara Means
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Barbara Means, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Learning Sciences Research
Digital Promise
Photo of Eric Brewe
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Eric Brewe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Physics & Science Education
Drexel University

In the Spring of 2020, undergraduate courses pivoted quickly to an online environment, with many universities and colleges remaining online or partially online. In this workshop hosted by the AAAS-IUSE Initiative, speakers share research findings on supporting faculty and students in the transition to online learning. First, Dr. Barbara Means shares results from a national survey examining student challenges with the virtual migration of STEM courses as well as practices to improve students’ experiences with remote learning and address inequities in access and support for students learning online. Afterwards, Dr. Eric Brewe discusses the faculty response to the transition to online teaching and the role that social and academic networks in play in faculty instructional decision-making processes. Overall, the workshop not only serves as an opportunity to learn about recent research, but also as a space to discuss the research implications with other professionals in the undergraduate STEM community via breakout discussions following the presentations.