Call for Proposals: Virtual Workshops

Submit your work to present at the 2023 Virtual Workshop series. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2022, at 11:59pm PT.

The Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) workshops serve as a space to learn, meet, and collaborate with faculty, researchers, and professionals working to improve undergraduate STEM education. Furthermore, these workshops aim to encourage and empower participants to take action toward improving undergraduate STEM education. Virtual workshops are scheduled March, April, May, August, September, and October 2023. All workshops take place online using a webinar/meetings platform and run 90 minutes in duration.

Two speakers will be chosen by AAAS staff for each workshop and will give their 20- to 25-minute presentations separately. Following presentations, there will be Q&A/breakout room discussions. Speakers are expected to answer questions/lead breakout discussions following their presentations. Speakers will be asked to invite 1-2 colleagues to also serve as breakout room facilitators.


Below is a list of workshop topics with example presentations, including the opportunity to submit on a topic related to improving undergraduate STEM education beyond those listed. We are looking for speakers to present for 20-25 minutes and speak about institutional and community transformation or engaged student learning. While speakers should address one of the topics below, they should also focus their presentation on action steps that can be taken based off information presented. 


For example, recruiting and retaining typically underrepresented students in STEM, designing STEM curriculum with accessibility in mind, etc. 

For example, incorporating Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURES) into curriculum, creating community-based courses, developing high-quality STEM internship or co-op programs, supporting partnerships and projects with businesses or community groups, etc. 

For example, supporting faculty professional development, fostering community through Communities of Practice or other networks, etc. 

For example, a workshop on curriculum development, culturally responsive teaching pedagogy, best practices in teaching undergraduate STEM and non-STEM majors, etc. 

For example, case studies and takeaways from successful transfer programs between community colleges and universities, partnerships with universities to foster CURES at community colleges, etc. 

For example, changing institutional policies to promote diversity and equity, highlighting systemic and cultural change efforts, and examining the impact on students, faculty, and administrators.


Who Can Submit a Proposal?

  • IUSE program PIs & Co-PIs
  • Educators, researchers, evaluators, and representatives of academic institutions
  • Representatives from non-profits, STEM centers, STEM discipline societies, funders, or government entities with a focus on undergraduate STEM education
  • Experts in the field of undergraduate STEM education

Evaluation Criteria

Speakers will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevancy of topic for audience interested in improving undergraduate STEM education
  2. Relation to other submissions, to ensure complimentary presentations
  3. Representation from different IUSE grant focus areas: Engaged Student Learning or Institutional and Community Transformation
  4. Demographic representation to ensure diversity of disciplines, institution types, and geographic location

Submission Guidelines

Please be prepared to submit the following:

  • Personal information such as name, affiliation, email address, discipline, and demographic information
  • Choose the topic that best aligns with your presentation focus
  • Title of your presentation
  • Up to 300 words describing your presentation, including discipline, topics and issues that will be addressed and how they relate to the overarching topic
  • Up to 250 words describing goals, expected outcomes, and key takeaways
  • Intended audience for presentation
  • Related past presentations (title of presentation, event where presentation was given, and a link to the recording if applicable)
  • Related work on topic
  • Resources or discussion questions to share with audience
  • Biography (up to 250-words or a link to your biography)
  • Headshot link or upload (Please note, if chosen to present, this image will be used in advertising and promotional materials)
  • Your speaking availability from a list of possible dates and times


Please contact the AAAS-IUSE team at


Please submit your proposal via the link below by December 1, 2022, at 11:59pm PT.
You can expect to hear back from AAAS-IUSE by February 6, 2023 at the latest.