Building Effective Communities for Students, Educators, and Everyone in Between

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Peter C. Cormas, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania Western University
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Cathy Ishikawa, Ph.D.
California State University-Sacramento

Hear about two different projects that utilize communities of support in STEM education for the betterment of all students. 

Dr. Peter C. Cormas will introduce how faculty at Pennsylvania Western University have implemented an IUSE-funded learning community – a type of professional development for higher education science faculty centered on improving student STEM learning while increasing the number of science majors.  Dr. Cormas will also explain how faculty at other institutions can implement a learning community. Faculty who have participated in the community will speak about their experiences in the breakout room.

Dr. Cathy Ishikawa will discuss the SIRIUS II project (Sustainable Interdisciplinary Research to Inspire Undergraduate Success), which brings together faculty from a four-year masters-granting university and five local community colleges to develop course-based Authentic Learning Experiences (cALEs). Dr. Ishikawa will explain how incorporating cALES can be an equitable and inclusive practice; how cALES might create new barriers; and how we can design and implement cALES to maximize their benefits for all students.